Exceptional Diamonds for Exceptional Customers.

The beauty and scintillation of our FirePrincess®, FireCushion®, and Black Label Rounds are unsurpassed. Now, each of these extraordinary diamonds is available as part of the Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection.

Each diamond in this collection is at least three carats. Many are substantially more. And, only a select number of Exceptional Diamonds are discovered, making them not only incredibly beautiful but exceptionally rare. The story of each of our diamonds is utterly unique. They are works of art. They are a pure masterpiece. Their carat weight combined with our cutting perfection provides a remarkable diamond worthy of the most discerning diamond buyer.

The Making of an Exceptional Diamond

The potential of an Exceptional Diamond is clear to us even in its rough form. As one of the world’s finest diamantaires, we can instantly see its intrinsic value. It is when we polish and cut each one, using the skills we have perfected from generation to generation, that their astounding beauty is revealed. From there, the diamond travels to the De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds in Antwerp, where it undergoes a 17-point evaluation. At the end of that rigorous process, only those diamonds with the utmost qualities are awarded the Exceptional status.

the making of an exceptional diamond

The images above demonstrate the evolution of your diamond as it underwent the evaluation, cutting and polishing process. It took hours upon hours of work by at least five craftsmen to bring your diamond to a stunning 5.21 polished carat weight.

Every Exceptional Diamond from Hasenfeld-Stein is accompanied by its own bespoke journey book which details the journey of the diamond from its formation below the Earth’s surface through its transformation. It is a journey, and a story billions of years in the making. And, every diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon and unique identification number which captures key details: The year it was discovered, its rough carat weight, and polished weight. Plus, every diamond is responsibly sourced.

Truly worthy of your most discerning customer.

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