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HASENFELD-STEIN INC. Supply Chain Due Diligence Reporting


HASENFELD-STEIN INC. has aligned its Supply Chain Due Diligence communication and reporting on RJC’s Guidance for this subject (p. 65 of RJC COP 2019 Guidance Document, table 7.5.). As a result, this document recaps the reporting requirements for Tier 1 and downstream companies (HASENFELD-STEIN INC.’s position in the diamond supply chain).


  1. Management Systems:HASENFELD-STEIN INC. has created a Supply Chain Policy which has been sent to all its suppliers. The Management responsibility for the due diligence programme has been assigned to HASENFELD-STEIN INC.’s CFO, and adequate record-keeping systems and processes for information collection have been installed as per the Company’s procedures for this subject.
  2. Risk Assessment:

In preparation of its RJC Audit, HASENFELD-STEIN INC. has engaged with all its suppliers by sending them its Supply Chain Policy and a Due Diligence Questionnaire, both accompanied by an explanatory letter on RJC’s COP 7 and the Company’s obligations in this respect. To date, a number of suppliers have sent this questionnaire back, and the Company strives for 100% completion of supplier-response.

To date, no risks (neither actual or potential) have been identified.


To date, no specific risks have been identified in our supply chain, as such, no specific extra steps need to be undertaken by the Company to manage risks, monitor and track performance of risk mitigation or to follow up any specific risk-areas.

New York, February 7th, 2022


Mr. Hertz Hasenfeld, President